Nabemono(cooking various things in a pot) for dog

I saw the news that the hot‐spring hotel 「Izu Syuzenji Kizuna」 in Izu is start to serve “Nabemono(cooking various things in a pot) for dog”.

This hotel was originally established as luxury hotel, but it reopened as hotel for pets in April 2009.

Menu devised by head chef is just something gorgeous.
And if there is not good food such as dog allergies, it can be changed for other food.

Apart from this

・There is a very big dog run.
・You can sleep with dog at the premium japanese bed.
・Many staffs are well traind at the professional school

it seems that such services are substantial, I want to go there by all means.

Pet Friendly Hotels are still very few.
So increase hotels like this is very happy for me.



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