Mt.Fuji & autumn leaves at Shiraito Falls

Shiraito Falls and Mt.Fuji
The Shiraito Falls are located in the southwestern foothills of Mount Fuji.
Hundreds of large and small waterfalls falling like many silk strings is very beautiful.
The 200m-wide and 20m-high cascade is fed by the spring water of Mount Fuji.
It was added to the World Heritage List as part of the Fujisan Cultural Site in 2013.

Shiraito means white silk in Japanese.
Because the thin white streams look like hanging threads of silk, it is called Shiraito falls.

Shiraito Falls

Shiraito Falls and Mt.Fuji

In 2017 by iPhone7 Plus

Shiraito Falls and Mt.Fuji in 2018

In 2018 by iPhone XS Max

You can take a beautiful picture by your smartphone from this observatory on top of the stairs.
I took the photo above without zoom by iPhone.
Rainbows can be seen between the morning and noon in the sunny day of autumn and fall.

Shiraito Falls
Some people went under the observatory to take more beautiful picture.
(Basically restricted area)
I took some pictures at there, but it wasn’t good for me.

Shiraito Falls Shiraito Falls Shiraito Falls 2018

Shiraito Falls

In 2017 by iPhone7Plus

Shiraito Falls 2018

In 2018 by Iphone XS Max

As I went down the stairs, there was another observation deck where I could see waterfalls right in front of me.
It was 10:30 and I could see a beautiful rainbow like an arch.
I took this photo with 1.5 times zoom by iPhone.

Shiraito Falls
The rainbow moved to the right at 12:30.

Shiraito Falls
You can go over the fence toward the waterfall.
But maybe it isn’t an official route, so watch your steps carefully.

Shiraito Falls Shiraito Falls
There were wet and slippery places here and there.

Shiraito Falls
I went ahead as possible as I can.
I could take more impressive picture of the waterfall at there.

Shiraito Falls
I went back the way and moved toward to the bridge over there.

Shiraito Falls Shiraito Falls
Many people took pictures at here, too.
I took this picture by iPhone 7 plus without zoom.


By Bus

Tokyo station → 3.5 hour by Fuji Kyuko Bus bound for Kyukamura Fuji → Shiraito No Taki Bus Stop → 1 minute walk
Fujinomiya station of JR line in Shizuoka prefecture → 30 minutes by bus bound for Shiraito No Taki → Shiraito No Taki Bus Stop → 1 minute walk

Shiraito No Taki Bus Stop

Bus Stop

By car

40 minutes from Tomei Fuji I.C of Tomei Expressway
35 minutes from Shin Tomei Fuji I.C. of Shin Tomei Expressway
1 hour from Kawaguchiko I.C. of Chuo Expressway

Parking lot in Shiraito Falls

Parking lot



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