Walk through between the legs of Gundam

Gundam in Odaiba
Gundam in Odaiba
I saw the full scale Gundam (18m) at the plaza of Diver City Tokyo.
You can walk through between the legs of this gigantic statue from July 16,2016 to September 25,2016 (10:00~18:00).

And the head will move in these stage.
・Day time(Without wall video)
・Night time(With wall video)

【Admission fee】

10 minutes walk from Tokyo Teleport station of Rinkai line.
15 minutes walk from Daiba station of Yurikamome.

Gundam in Odaiba
Gundam Cafe.

Gundam in Odaiba
Goods shop.

After watching Gandam,I ate Takoyaki at the food court in Diver City Tokyo.
The name of this shop is Gindako.
Takoyaki is fried octopus dough balls.
Add mayonnaise then eat it.



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