Delicious conveyor belt Sushi restaurant Daiki Suisan

Daiki Suisan
Daiki Suisan
Daiki Suisan
Conveyor Sushi restaurant Daiki Suisan.
They have many restaurants mainly in Osaka,Kyoto and Nara.
(I went to the one in the shopping mall near Tokyo)
It is so popular that people made long line to have seats.
We waited for 20 minutes although it was 15:00.
The reason of popularity maybe the price.
It was so yummy and reasonable.
(A little expensive than economical restaurant like Sushiro,Kura Sushi,etc…)
Not only Sushi but also sweets were very delicious!

Daiki Suisan
You can order via touch panel,too.
Then the staff brought dishes.

Daiki Suisan
Salmon. 150 Yen

Daiki Suisan
Cod roe. 250 Yen

Daiki Suisan
Grilled conger eel. 200 Yen

Daiki Suisan
Jumbo fresh shrimp. 500 Yen

Daiki Suisan
Herring roe. 350 Yen

Daiki Suisan
Shrimp tempura roll. 250 Yen

Daiki Suisan
Japanese Omelette. 100 Yen

Daiki Suisan
Creme brulee. 200 Yen

【Other dishes without Photo】
Tuna Salad 100 Yen
Minced fatty tuna & green onion 150 Yen
Natto(fermented soybeans) roll 150 Yen
Salmon roe. 250 Yen



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