Reasonable Sushi & Japanese dishes in Hama Sushi

Hama Sushi is one of the most popular conveyor belt Sushi restaurant.
They have many restaurants all over Japan.

Very reasonable price makes this restaurant very famous.
90 Japanese yen per 1 dish in weekday.
100 Japanese yer per 1 dish in the holiday.

If you can’t find a dish on the conveyor which you want to eat,  you can order by touch panel.

These are 5 kinds of soy sauce on the table.
You can feel free to take what ever you like.



Avocado & shrimp

Hama Sushi
Grilled conger eel.

Hama Sushi
Sakura shrimp warship roll.

Hama Sushi

Hama Sushi
Salmon topped with Wasabi.

Hama Sushi
Grilled eel.

Hama Sushi
Grilled Mackerel.

Avocado and salmon roe.

Hama Sushi
Horse mackerel.

Ramen & other dishes

Salt flavored Ramen.

Hama Sushi
Soy sauce Ramen.


Fried potato.

hama sushi
Soba topped with boiled duck.


Cheese cake.

Chocolate marble ice cream cake in Hama Sushi
Chocolate marble ice cream cake

Green tea flavor ice cream.



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