One of my favorite Sushi restaurant “Gurume-Tei” in Japan.

Gurume Tei in Japan
Last day I went to “Gurume-Tei” at Chogo area of Fujisawa city in Japan.
It is a conveyor Sushi restaurant.
They have 3 more stores in Yokohama city.
This restaurant is very popular, so people are making a long line to have seats every day especially in dinner time.
So you should go there at lunch time or earlier than 5:30 P.M.


Gurume Tei in Japan
Tanner crab


Gurume Tei in Japan


Gurume Tei in Japan
Greater Amberjack


Gurume Tei in Japan
In addition to Sushi ,they have many kinds of dishes.
For example, this is Imo-mochi. Japanese potato cake.

Shinjuku station in Tokyo → 50 minutes by Odakyu Line→ Chogo station → 15 minutes walk



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