Futako-Tamagawa Rise Terrace Market

Futako-Tamagawa Rise Terrace Market
Futako-Tamagawa Rise Terrace Market
I went to the grand opening of Futako-Tamagawa Rise Terrace Market.
It was a very cool place!!
When I arrived at there, there were few people because it was one hour prior to open.

free limited novelty items of Futako-Tamagawa Rise Terrace Market
But when the opening time came,a lot of people came one after another!
I got the free limited novelty items by standing in long line.

pasteleria mallorca
People made a line at popular restaurant such as Cinnabon, Bubby’s.
Especially the line of Pasteleria Mallorca(purveyor to the Spanish Imperial Household) was the longest.
I stood in it for a while, but gave up waiting in the end.

There was a demonstration of Strandbeest that was created by Theo Jansen as an opening event.
It was invited to a shopping center for the first time in the world.
It was moved by the wind and I was surprised by its moving.



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