First train of Hitachi of Ueno-Tokyo Line

Shinagawa station of Ueno-Tokyo Line
Hitachi of Ueno-Tokyo Line
I went to Mito city in a day by using newly opened limited express Hitachi of Ueno-Tokyo line.
I got on it at 6:44 A.M in Shinagawa station.

Shinagawa station of Ueno-Tokyo Line
Opening celemony was held.
There were not only participant, but also many press.

Mito station
The train has arrived at Mito station in 1hour 20 – 30minutes.
Fee was 3450 Japanese yen.
It was fast and reasonable than I expected.
I had thought Mito was so far.

Mito station
Mascot character of Mito welcomed us.

Inrou-Bento in Ueno-Tokyo Kine
When I went back to Shinagawa, I bought Inrou-Bento(lunch box) at station and eat it in the train.

Hitachi of Ueno-Tokyo Line
You can charge a battery of computer, smartphone etc… by a socket on every seats.

The seat was very comfortable, so I liked this train very much.
I want to get on it again soon.



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