Early cherry blossoms(Kawazu sakura) in Japan

I went to the Matsuda Sakura Matsuri in the Matsuda town in Kanagawa prefecture.
You can see a lot of cherry blossoms(Kawazu sakura) at here.
More famous place for Kawazu Sakura is Kawazu town in the Izu area. 
But Matsuda town is becoming famous recently.
You can go there by car or train and bus.
If you go by car, you can use the parking lot.
If the parking lot is full, you can use the parking lot near the Matsuda station and free shuttle bus.
You can see cherry blossoms at two places.
The one is near the parking lot of cars and bus.
There are so many cherry trees!
And the another is “Aguri park”.
You can go there in 10minutes walk from the parking lot.
You can see beautiful cherry blossoms and canola flowers.
And the scenery from here is also veru beautiful!



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