Saiko Juhyo Matsuri Festival and Mount Fuji

Saiko Juhyo Matsuri
Juhyo Matsuri Festival is an annual event between the end of Jan. and beginning of Feb. at Yacho No Mori Park near the lake Saiko.
You can take picture of the large ice trees with Mount Fuji.At night they are beautifully illuminated with lights.

Saiko Juhyo Matsuri Saiko Juhyo Matsuri
Various snow trees are exhibited.

Saiko Juhyo Matsuri
Snow tree and Mount Fuji in the background.
Nice photo spot with Mt.Fuji was few than I expected.

Saiko Juhyo Matsuri
I took this picture with 3 times zoom by iPhone7 Plus.

Saiko Juhyo Matsuri
You need to watch your steps at the muddy places.

Saiko Juhyo Matsuri
Saiko Juhyo Matsuri
Wooden boards are put on the mud in some places.
But it doesn’t cover all, so wear boots like me is desirable.

Saiko Juhyo Matsuri
They have some food open-air stalls , free rest area and souvenir shop.
My friend says that the salty grilled trout is very nice.



【Access by bus】
Shinjuku Highway Bus Terminal in Tokyo → 1h45min. by Fuji Kyuko Bus → Kawaguchiko Station → 43 minutes by Kawaguchiko Sightseeng Bus “Green-Line” → Saiko Yacho-no-Mori Park → 1 minute walk

【Access by the car】
30minutes from Kawaguchiko I.C of Chuo Express Way
They have free parking lot.

Saiko Juhyo Matsuri

Free parking lot



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