Cherry blossoms and Mt Fuji

I went to Azumayama park at Ninomiya town to see the fully bloomed cherry blossoms.
Ninomiya town is located at south part of Kanagawa prefecture.
You can see the beautiful scenery with Mount Fuji here between the beginning to mid of April every year.
This place isn’t famous compared to Hakone and lake Kawaguchi that is famous for the scenery of Mt.Fuji, but you can enjoy gorgeous landscape.
In 2016, the best time to see it was 6 April.
In 2017, cherry blossoms were fully bloomed at 14 April.

Compared to Hakone or Lake Kawaguchiko, this place is more close to Tokyo.
(Approx. 1.5 hour by JR line from Tokyo station)

Azumayama park
This is the entrance.
Azumayama park is located on the top of a small mountain(136.2m above sea level).

Cherry blossoms in Azumayama park
Cherry blossoms in Azumayama park
Cherry blossoms in Azumayama park
Azumayama park
Long stairs and slopes leads you to the Azumayama park.
It takes 10 -15 minutes.
If you want to take beautiful picture of Mt.Fuji, you should go there until 10:00 A.M.
Because Mt.Fuji often hide behind the clouds in the afternoon.
This day it became cloudy at 11:00 A.M.


Azumayama park
Azumayama park
From January to February every year, you can see fully bloomed canola flowers with Mt.Fuji in the same place.

azuma shrine in Ninomiya town
Azuma shrine in Ninomiya
By walking a pathway for a few minutes, you can go Azuma shrine.

□ Information □

【Date of visit】
9:00 A.M. ~ 10:00 A.M. of 6 April 2016.

【Opening hour】
Open for 24 hours

【Admission Fee】

By train
15 – 20 minutes walk from Ninomiya station of JR line.
(Approx. 1.5 hour from Tokyo station)

By car
About 20 – 25 minutes walking from Ninomiya Choei Daiichi parking (500 Japanese Yen per day).
About 10 – 15 minutes walk from Kitaguchi parking near the Ninomiya station(100 Japanese Yen per 20 minutes).



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