Yummy Houtou & Amazake at Gonpachi in japan.

Gonpachi is a old Japanese style restaurant in Fujisawa city,Kanagawa prefecture,Japan.

It is 85years old house and renovated for this restaurant.
Sister shop of Hekkoro-dani at Mutsuai in Fujisawa city.

It is “Suikinkutsu” – the aquarian harp.
Pour some water on bamboo tube by using a ladle to scoop water.
Then you will hear the sound from the hole of the tube.

There were fire woods near the aquarian harp.

Main Entrance.
There was a Jizo(gardian angel).
It is sad that if you stroke the head happy time will come.

There was another stone statue at the cash register.

Inside the restaurant was spacious than I expected.
It looked likeJapanese traditional interior same as exterior.
I remembered my parent’s home in Fukushima prefecture.
I used to visit there many times in my childhood,so this restaurant brought back lots of memories.

There are a few houses around here.
But many people came to here!

Amasake and houtou.
Amazake is a weet alcoholic drink made from fermented rice.
Houtou is similar to Udon.But taste and texture is a little different.

They are made by the carefully selected ingredients.
It was the taste of the quality ingredients and was bland taste.



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