Sukiyaki at the restaurant of relaxation spa.

I went to relaxation spa “Yumemi Dokoro Kokoti-yu” in Yamato city in Kanagawa prefecture ,Japan.
It is located near the Koza-Shibuya station of Odakyu kine.
You can see Mt.Fuji from bath and restaurant.
They alternate Gentlemen and Ladies according to the day.
The scenery of sunset is especially beautiful!
So you should go there in fall or winter.
Because sunset is more beautiful than other season.
I ate Sukiyaki at the restaurant.
Sukiyaki is one of the popular Japanese meals.

We usually make it in the center of the table with Japanese pot, and pick cooked ingredients directly from the pot.

Usually sliced beef, several vegetables, broiled bean curd (grilled tofu) are used for this dish, seasonned with soy sauce (shoyu), Japanese Sake and sugar.

Most of Japanese use fresh egg for dipping sauce right before they eat.



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