Illuminated three story pagoda and cherry blossoms at Sankeien Garden in Yokohama

Three-Story Pagoda from Kankatei Arbor of Sankeien garden
I went to Sankeien Garden at 7 April 2017 to see illuminated cherry blossoms.
Sankeien is a traditional and typical Japanese-style garden in southern part of Yokohama city.
It is one of the popular cherry blossom viewing place in Yokohama.
Especially the scenery of lightened up up three-story pagoda and cherry blossoms are famous.
This illumination event is taken place from the end of March to beginning of April every year when the cherry blossoms are fully bloomed.

Main entrance of Sankeien garden
Main entrance of Sankeien Garden.

Ticket vending machine of Sankeien Garden
Ticket vending machine.
English is available.

Three-Story Pagoda and cherry blossoms at Ooike in Sankeien garden
illuminated three-Story Pagoda and cherry blossoms at Ooike(main pond) near the main entrance.
So many people took pictures at here, so it was hard to find the nice place to shoot picture.

Three-Story Pagoda from Kankatei Arbor of Sankeien garden

As I walked the pathway, I arrived at Kankatei Arbor.
I could take more beautiful picture!

Three-Story Pagoda from Kankatei Arbor of Sankeien garden

As I walked a bit more, I found better place for a nice picture!
The reflection on the water was awesome.

All of the pictures were taken by iPhone.

Shop and cafe in Sankeien garden
There were some shops and cafe.
This garden is large, so if you get tired of walking,take a rest and have some food or drink will be good.

□ Information □

【Date of visit】
18:50 ~ 19:50 of 7 April 2017.

【Opening hour】
9:00 to 17:00(when the illumination event is taken place, open until 21:00)
Closed on 29,30,31 December.

【Admission Fee】
500 yen for adult(junior high school students and above)
200 yen for children(elementary school students)

Negishi station(Bus Platform No.1) → 10 minutes by the municipal bus Route No.58,99 or 101 → Honmoku Bus Stop → 10 minutes walk
Yokohama Station(Bus Platform No.2) → 35 minutes by the municipal bus Route No.8 or 148 → Sankeien-iriguchi Bus Stop → 5 minutes walk

Bus stop at Negishi station
Bus stop at Negishi Station.

Yokohama Municipal Bus to Sankeien garden
Inside the bus.

500 yen up to 2 hours, 100 yen for every additional 30 minutes.



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