Mt.Fuji and the iris at Dojo-Ike pondo

Mt.Fuji and the iris at Dojo-Ike pondo
Dojo-Ike pondo is located at Oshino village in Yamanashi prefecture.
It is a Hotoke-dojo ( Japanese eight-barbel loach ) breeding pond that is an endangered species.
You can also see beautiful reflection of Mount Fuji on the water.
This place isn’t a famous photo spot while Oshino village is a popular tourist destination.
So I didn’t know such a beautiful scenery until I saw a picture on other people’s post.


Date of Visit

15 May 2018

Best time to see

Mid of May

Admission fee



Shinjuku Bus Terminal in Tokyo → 2hours by Fuji Kyuko Bus → Oshino Hakkai bus stop → 20 minutes walk



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