Mt.Fuji and Shidare Sakura in Jyokyo-ji temple

Mt.Fuji and shidare sakura in Jyokyo-ji temple in Fujinomiya city
Mt.Fuji and a old tree of Shidare Zakura cherry blossoms at Jyokyo-ji temple in Fujinomiya city.
This city is located at the southwestern foot of Mt.Fuji.It has Fujinomiya trailhead that leads you to the summit of Fuji.
Jokyo-ji temple was founded in the 16th century and it is known as the cherry blossoms and Mt.Fuji viewing spot.
It was the first time to go there, so I was considering the compositon of the picture for a while.
Then one of a photographer at there kindly taught me the some good photo spot.
Thanks to the advice, I found that placement of a tree trunk is also important .


Date of visit

28 March 2019 by iPhone Xs Max.

Best time to see

From late March to early April

Admission fee



40 minutes by bus from Fujinomiya station → 20 minutes walk from Shimojo bus stop



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