Cherry blossoms in Tokyo Midtown

Cherry blossoms in TokyoMidtown
Tokyo Midtown is a large complex site in Tokyo including residences, offices, hotel, shops, cafes, restaurants, museums and garden.
About 150 cherry trees line along the street is one of the most beautiful and popular cherry blossom viewing spot in Tokyo.

Photo spot

Cherry blossoms at Tokyo Midtown
You can see the beautiful collaboration of the modern tall buildings with cherry blossoms from everywhere.

Cherry blossoms at Tokyo Midtown
This is the most popular photo spot.
From top of the stairs you can take a beatiful picture.

Cherry blossoms at Tokyo Midtown
You can take a beautiful picture like this from the bridge that connects Midtown Tower and Midtown Garden.
I like the contrast of pink and blue, nature and buildings.
But it is crowded in the cherry blossom season.
I took this picture by iPhone7 Plus without zoom.

Cherry blossoms at Tokyo Midtown
If you visit there around 11:00 AM, the building casts a shadow in the middle of the road.
So the best timing to go there is in the afternoon when the shadow disappears.

Pizzeria-Trattoria Napule in Tokyo Midtown
Crossing the bridge and you can see the scenery of the cherry blossoms and restaurant “Pizzeria-Trattoria Napule”.
I think this is also nice.

Cherry blossoms at Tokyo Midtown
The scenery at the end of path was also beautiful.

Tokyo Midtown
Buy Onigiri(rice ball) at Seven-Eleven in Tokyo Midtown, then eat it Hinoki-cho Park neighboring to Tokyo Midtown.
It is my favorite lunch spot.


Best time to see

Between the end of March to early April

Admission Fee



10 minutes walk from exit 8 in Roppongi Station of Tokyo Metro
5 minutes walk from exit 3 in Nogizaka Station of Tokyo Metro



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