Zerubu No Oka in Biei town in Hokkaido

Zerubu No Oka in Biei town in Hokkaido
Rainbow colored flower field at Zerubu No Oka in Biei town in Hokkaido.
From spring until fall, the field on a hill is carpeted with 30 varieties of flowers such as lavender, petunia, poppy, and sunflowers with Tokachi mountain and Asahi mountain as a backdrop.
Same as Shikisai No Oka in the previous post, this place is one of the most popular tourist destination in picturesque town Biei.
But I didn’t know much about this place and had no time to walk around and look for the beautiful photo spots.
So I have to visit this amazing flower garden again and take many pictures!



23 June 2019 by iPhoneXsMax.

The best time to see

Between the mid of July and September

Admission fee


Opening hour

8:30 – 17:00


5 minutes by car from JR Biei Station



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