Early flowering cherry blossoms in Amasawa Jinmyo Shrine

Cherry blossoms in Amanawa Jinmyo Shrine
Amasawa Jinmyo Shrine was built in 710.
It is said that this is the oldest shrine in Kamakura city.
There are three early flowering cherry trees called “Tamanawa Zakura” in the grounds of a shrine precinct.

Amanawa Jinmyo Shrine

Amanawa Jinmyo Shrine
This breed was made in Ofuna flower center(large park with full of all kinds of seasonable flowers) in Kamakura city.
So it is a Kamakura-born cherry tree.

Cherry blossoms in Amanawa Jinmyo Shrine
Side of a stone lantern on the right (in a red circle) is a photo spot.

Cherry blossoms in Amanawa Jinmyo Shrine
I took this photo with 1.5 times zoom by iPhone7 Plus.
I considered the composition based on the grid lines when I took this picture.
(Settings → Photos & Camera → Grid)
I Put the cherry trees and building on intersection points(red and green circle) as the lead.
To put the thing you focus on the intersection points is a basic of good composition.
And I tried to draw a diagonal line from the top left to the bottom(yellow line).

Cherry blossoms in Amanawa Jinmyo Shrine

After retouch by the Enlight
Brightness 10, Contrast 5, Exposure 1, Offset 0
Structure 10, Sharpen 10, Blacks 5, Shadows 5, Highlights 10
Saturation 15, Hue 0, Temperature 0, Tint 0

I retouched a picture by Enlight App


【Access】5 minutes walk from Hase station of Enoden Line



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