Reasonable full course Sushi in Japan.

I went to Muten Kura Sushi.
It is one of famous conveyor belt Sushi(Kuru kuru Sushi) restaurant in Japan.
You can eat not only Sushi, but also ramen,sweets etc…


Muten Kura Sushi Muten Kura Sushi Muten Kura Sushi
First,I ate Sushi of conger eel,herring roe,crab and salmon roe.


Muten Kura Sushi
Then I ate Ramen in soy-sauce flavored soup.
It was so yummy!It’s like a specialized Ramen restaurant.


Muten Kura Sushi
Iberian pork bowl.
Put the soft boiled egg by myself.


Muten Kura Sushi
Chocolate-banana perfait in the end.

It costs 1,600 Japanese Yen.
I was so surprised because it was very reasonable.
So I’ll try it again someday.



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