Owesome view of Maokong Gondora even if it was cloudy.

I got on the Maokong Gondrora to go to the top of Mt.Maokong.
A few people made a line in front of us.
If the gondora from the Taipei Zoo South Station was full,we had to wait until the next one come.
So we had to wait more than I had expected.
The scenery from inside the gondora was amazing!!
In spite of cloudy day,it was so beautiful.
So in the sunny day, it will be more beautiful!!
The gondora turned at a right angle at the station on the way was also amazing  for me.

It suddenly began to rain pretty hard when we arrived at Maokong station.
It was difficult to look around the shops near the station.
So after the rest with cup of tea,we got on the gondra and went back to the hotel.
If I go to Taiwan again,I want to visit  Maokong and take my time at looking around.



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