Dan zai noodle at Big Food court of Taipei101

There is a big food court at B1 of Taipei101
They have many kinds of restaurants, India,Hong kong,Singapore,Korea,etc…
It is very convenience when you don’t walk around the town to look for some restaurant.
For example, when you get tired or it rains…

When I went there, there was a few seats available.
Maybe because of the rain, many people came.
I looked for the seats for some time and finally I could find it!
It was a little hard to find.

Then I looked around the restaurants to buy dish.
I bought the meal of Dan zai noodle and fried chicken at the Chinese restaurant.
It was so delicious!
I didn’t expect to eat such a yummy food at the foodcourt.

After finished eating I looked for the place to return trays but I couldn’t find it at ll.
I found that people around us went away with the tray left on the table.
Then the staff came and cleand it soon.
It is different from Japan, but it’s convenience,



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