Mt.Fuji & Mishima Sky Walk

Mishima sky walk
Mishima sky walk

I went to Mishima Sky Walk in Hakone area.
It is the longest pedestrian suspension bridge in Japan.
I went there by car and parked it in a free parking lot.
(About 2 hours from Tokyo station via Tomei expressway and Odawara-Atsugi expressway)

Mishima sky walk
Mishima sky walk
Mishima sky walk
You will be able to cross the bridge in 10 minutes.
I could see the beautiful scenery of Mt.Fuji and Suruga bay.
But I felt the bridge shake when I stopped.
Probably because of the strong wind,it was shaking.
Then I start to feel sick.
So I finished taking photo and went ahead again.

Mishima sky walk
After crossing,I took a rest at the cafe.

They said that moss pink was planted around the bridge.
So I will be able to see beautiful scenery with flowers in the spring.

About 20 minutes by taxi from JR Mishima station.
25 minutes by bus from JR Mishima station(line 5) to Hakone Seiroku Mishima Otsuribashi bus stop.

【Opening hour】
Open all year round

【Admission fee】
1,000 yen per 1 adult.



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