Early cherry blossoms(Kawazu sakura) in Kawazu town,Japan

Kawazu Zakura, the early-blooming cherry trees in Kawazu city.
A lot of tourists visit here because it is the earliest opportunity in the year to see many cherry blossoms near Tokyo.
Rows of cherry trees line up approximately 4 kilometers along the river.
Recently you can see Kawazu sakura in many places in Japan,but the origin is Kawazu town.

27 February 2019

how to shoot cherry blossoms in a cloudy day
Cherry blossoms in Kawazu Town
Cherry blossoms started scattering a little, still it was best time to see!

Cherry blossoms in Kawazu Town
When I was about to take picture of a tunnel of cherry trees, these two persons passed by at the perfect timing.

Cherry blossoms in Kawazu Town
I found a tunnel of cherry blossoms ( on the left ) and peach blossoms ( on the right ).
Both flowers are very similar, the difference is the shape of the petals.
The tip of the cherry blossoms are cracked, and the one of the peach blossoms are sharp.

2 March 2018

Cherry blossoms near Kawazu station
Cherry blossoms along the street near the Kawazu station.

shops near Kawazu staion
There were also many souvenir shops along the road.

Cherry blossoms in Kawazu Town
Cherry blossoms in Kawazu Town
The street leads you to the river.
A promenade stretch for about 4km along the Kawazu River.

cherry blossoms and open-air stalls in Kawazu Town open-air stalls in Kawazu Town
There were many open-air stalls as well as cherry trees along the riverside street.

Public lavatory in Kawazu town Public lavatory in Kawazu town
They have many public lavatory.
I think it increases for the past few years.
But especially the lady’s toilet was crowded as more and more tourist came.

Cherry blossoms in Kawazu Town Cherry blossoms in Kawazu Town Cherry blossoms in Kawazu Town
Cherry blossoms along the river was so beautiful.

Cherry blossoms in Kawazu Town Cherry blossoms in Kawazu Town

Especially the place where you can take pictures of cherry blossoms with canola flowers was very popular.
There were a few place that the field mustard was flowering.
Maybe it’s because the cherry blossom season was later than usual.

Cherry blossoms in Kawazu Town
I considered the composition based on the grid lines when I took this picture.
(Settings → Photos & Camera → Grid)
Put the cherry trees on intersection points(yellow circle) as the lead, then put the field mustard in the red circle as supporting role.

Cherry blossoms in Kawazu Town

Brightness 10, Contrast 5, Exposure 1, Offset 0
Structure 30, Sharpen 10, Blacks 0, Shadows 25, Highlights 6
Saturation 25, Hue 0, Temperature 5, Tint 0

I retouched a picture by the application of iPhone Enlight.

4 March 2014

You can go there by car or train.
It takes about 2hour or 2.5hour by train, 3hour or 3.5hour by the car.
The traffic is very bad while cherry trees are blooming.
So if you go there by the car, you should choose weekday and wake up very early.
You can use the parking lot.
You will be able to find it at here and there in the town.
The parking fee is same, 500 Japanese yen.
If you go by train, of course there is no traffic jam.
But many people got on it.
So anyway you should go there as early as possible.
You can see so many cherry trees along the river with walking.
When I went there, trees looks more beautiful as I walked toward the upstream.
There are a few people compare to the downstream,so I could see cherry trees quietly.


The best time to see

Between the mid of February and the beginning of March

Admission fee



5 minutes walk from Kawazu Station

Kawazu Station

Kawazu Station

Parking lot in Kawazu Town

They have many Parking lot around the town.But it becomes full until 10:00 in the cherry blossom season.



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