Onsen right in front of Mt.Fuji

I went to the hot spring spa Fuji Choubou No Yu Yurari in Yamanashi prefecture.
They have various baths including open-air bath.
The scenery from open-air bath was awesome!
In the sunny day, you can see Mt.Fuji just in front of you.

Bathtubs,toilets,washroom,rocker room…all of the facilities were clean.
It is one of the reason why I like here.

Entrance fee is 1,300 Japanese yen.
Large and small towels are included.

If you go there by the car, you can use free parking lot.
If you use bus, take it at Kawaguchiko station.
Get on the bus for Motosuko lake and get off at Fuji Midori No Kyuka Mura Mae bus stop.
It will take 20 minutes.
Or they have a free shuttle bus from Kawaguchiko station.

Michi No Eki Narusawa
There is Michi No Eki Narusawa.
It will take 3 minutes by walk.
They have souvenir shop, restaurant, spa, museum.



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