Cherry blossoms in lake Kawaguchiko

【Date visited】11:00a.m.~11:40a.m. of 20 April 2017

All of the pictures and movie were taken by iPhone.

Lake Kawaguchiko is one of the most popular place for viewing fully bloomed cherry blossoms with Mount Fuji.
You can see it from the beginning to mid of April every year.

cherry blossoms & Mt.Fuji at Nagasaki park
cherry blossoms at Nagasaki park
Mt.Fuji at Nagasaki park
There are many beautiful spots around the lake.
Among them, my favorite is Nagasaki park.
Small park on the north shore of the lake.
After seeing cherry blossoms & Mt.Fuji in the famous Arakurayama Sengen park, I came to this place.
Cherry blossoms were fully bloomed and I could see Mt.Fuji very clearly!
They are fully bloomed between the beginning and mid of April every year.

Nagasaki Park at the lake Kawaguchiko in the summser
By the way the scenery of this place in the summer  is like this.
The leaves turn into green, but still beautiful.

cherry blossoms & Mt.Fuji at Nagasaki park
I could see the rainbow above Mt.Fuji!

cherry blossoms at Nagasaki park

It is the best photo spot in this place.
Many people were taking pictures at there.

cherry blossoms & Mt.Fuji at Nagasaki park
You can take beautiful picture like this.

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By Bus
Kawaguchiko Station → 25 minutes by Kaiwaguchiko Sightseeing Bus “Red-Line” → Sunnide Resort/Nagasaki Park Ent. Bus stop → 3 minutes walk

Sunnide Resort / Nagasaki Park Ent. bus stop

Sunnide Village mae Bus stop

By Car
15 minutes from Kawaguchiko IC of Chuo Expressway.
There are some free parking space (about 10 cars) like this picture.

Parking lot of Nagasaki park

Parking space

Some people uses rental bicycle.

【Admission fee】

Article in the last year

Cherry Blossoms of Nagasaki Park at the lake Kawaguchiko
I went there at 20 Apr. in 2016.
The peak of the beauty has already past because cherry blossoms began to fall.
But still it was beautiful!
The top of Mount Fuji was covered with clouds when I arrived there at 10:00 A.M.
But the whether around mt.Fuji is changeable especially in this season.
So I waited patiently until the clouds went away.

Cherry Blossoms of Nagasaki Park
After 3 hours, finally I could see the top of Fuji!

Cherry Blossoms of Nagasaki Park
Then I went to “Cottage Tozawa Center” by walking pathway with seeing cherry blossoms.
It was 5 minutes walking.
Scenery of the tulip & cherry blossoms were so beautiful!

Recommended Restaurants near here

・Mizu No Kaze(3 min. by car)

Mizu No Kaze
You can eat delicious Soba(buckwheat noodles).
There is an english speaking staff.
→ More information about here.

・Michi No Eki Narusawa(20 min. by car)

Soba topped with shredded radish
Michi No Eki Narusawa
They have souvenir shop, restaurant, spa, museum.
You can eat local specialties in the restaurant.
Scenery of Mt.Fuji from parking is good,too.
→ More information about here

・Lake Bake(2 min. by car)

Lake Bake in Kawaguchiko
Lake Bake in Kawaguchiko
Delicious bakery and restaurant.
The view of Mount.Fuji is great!
→ More information about here

Another beautiful scenery in autumn

・Momiji Tunnel(5 min. by car)

momiji tunnel in lake Kawaguchi in Japan
Dreamlike colorful tunnel of the maple trees.
→ More information about here



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