Champon noodle topped with full of fried vegetables

Ringer Hut" Nagasaki Champon
I ate champon noodle topped with full of fried vegetables at Nagasaki Champon Ringer Hut in the food court of the shopping mall.
It is the most famous restaurant of Champon.
Champon is a Japanese noodle dish invented in Nagasaki.

Ringer Hut" Nagasaki Champon
After paying the money at the counter, they gave me a beeper with screen.
While I was waiting(for some minutes), some advertisement was displayed on the screen.

Ringer Hut" Nagasaki Champon
It is similar to Ramen.
But the taste of the soup and noodle are different.
It cost 700 Japanese yen.
I was full and I think it is so reasonable!



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