Illuminated water fountain & light tunnel

tokinosumika gotemba
tokinosumika gotemba
Illuminated water fountain “Light of Versailles” and long light tunnel at the hot spring spa Gotemba Kogen Toki No Sumika in Japan.
Fountain performance with colorful lights and music were so gorgeous!
We got wet more than we thought because the water spouted 70 metres into the air.

【Fee of fountain performance】
Adults 1,000yen
Children Age 6 and Older 200yen
※Staying Guests are allowed half rates

Light tunnel and other illuminations are free.

Weekday 19:00~、19:30~
Holiday 19:00~、19:30~、20:00~、20:30~
Open Year Round

By Car
10 min from Gotemba I.C. of Tomei expressway.
(Approx. 1.5 hour from Tokyo)

By Train and bus
About 2 hour by train to Gotemba station from Tokyo station.

15 min by free shuttle bus from Gotemba station.

By Shinkansen (bullet train) and bus
About 1 hour to Mishima station.

40 min by free shuttle bus from Mishima station.

By Bus
About 2 hour from Shinjuku station to Gotenba station by the Tomei Highway Bus.

15 min by free shuttle bus from Gotemba station.



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