66 photos of Doraemon at Roppongi Hills in Tokyo

In the summer, 66 kinds of Doraemon appears at Roppongi hills in Tokyo every year.
Roppongi hills is one of the most popular complex that contains offices, apartments, shops, restaurants, a hotel, art museum, observation deck.
These exhibitions of Doraemon are one of the attraction of Roppongi Summer Festival.
It is taken place from mid of July to the end of August every year.

Each of them have different secret Gadgets.
I took the picture of all.

Doraemon small rain cloud ミニ雨雲
Small rain cloud

Doraemon 進化活性光線 evolve activation gun
Evolve activation gun

Doraemon Y shaped candle Yロウ
Y shaped candle

Doraemon 透明マント invisible cloak
Invisible cloak

Doraemon Fortune cat food カムカムキャットフード
Fortune cat food

Doraemon passport of the Satan 悪魔のパスポート
Passport of the Satan

Doraemon CM Candy gun CMキャンデー発射機
CM Candy gun

Doraemon Lose one's way sign 迷い道
Lose one’s way sign

Doraemon Aladdin and the wonderful lamp アラビンのランプ
Aladdin and the wonderful lamp

Doraemon Strong paper fan 強力うちわ風神
Strong paper fan

DORAEMON 本物図鑑 Real animal book
Real animal book

Doraemon カムカムキャット Bring people cat
Bring people cat

Doraemon ソノウソホント Lie come out true
Lie come out true

Doraemon ウマタケ High speed bamboo stilts
High speed bamboo stilts

Doraemon Dreams come true machine 望み実現機
Dreams come true machine

Doraemon Everyone go away dog ゴーゴードッグ
Everyone go away dog

Doraemon Strike hot spring scop 温泉掘り当てペアスコップ
Strike hot spring scop

Doraemon オモイデコロン Bring memories back colon
Bring memories back colon

Doraemon Disliked by everyone ムシスカン
Disliked by everyone

Doraemon あいあいパラソル Get girlfriend parasol
Get girlfriend parasol

Doraemon Dreams come true robot 神さまロボット
Dreams come true robot

Doraemon 桃太郎印のきびだんご Manipulate animal dumpling
Manipulate animal dumpling

Doraemon スモールライトShrink ray
Shrink ray

Doraemon 通り抜けフープ Teleportation hoop
Teleportation hoop

Doraemon ファンタグラス Fairy tale glass
Fairy tale glass

Doraemon ミチビキエンゼル Guidance angel
Guidance angel

Doraemon キューピッドの矢 Love potion arrow
Love potion arrow

Doraemon なんでも操縦機 Control everything wheel
Control everything wheel

Doraemon ころばし屋 Trap someone medicine
Trap someone medicine

Doraemon バインバイン multiply medicine
Multiply medicine

Doraemon ドロン葉 Hallucination leave
Hallucination leave

Doraemon 翻訳こんにゃく Translation konjak
Translation konjak

Doraemon 暗記パン Anki Pan
Anki Pan

Doraemon 名刀電光丸 Automatic fighting sword
Automatic fighting sword

Doraemon 着せ替えカメラ Change clothes camera
Change clothes camera

Doraemon Travel simulator 室内旅行機
Travel simulator

Doraemon Time wrapping cloth タイムふろしき
Time wrapping cloth

Doraemon Large Beam ビッグライト
Large Beam

Doraemon Medusa's head ゴルゴンの首
Medusa’s head

Doraemon Faithful robotic dog チューケンパー
Faithful robotic dog

Doraemon Curse camera 呪いのカメラ
Curse camera

Doraemon Ignored hat 石ころ帽子
Ignored hat

Doraemon Uso800 ウソ800

Doraemon Voice visualization liquid コエカタマリン
Voice visualization liquid

Doraemon Mole glove もぐら手袋
Mole glove

Doraemon 復元光線 Fix-it light
Fix-it light

Original Doraemon 元祖ドラえもん
Original Doraemon

Doraemon Dictator switch 独裁スイッチ
Dictator switch

Doraemon Mini Doraemon ミニドラえもん
Mini Doraemon

Doraemon Change season badge オールシーズンバッジ
Change season badge

Doraemon Hated octopus スカンタコ
Hated octopus

Doraemon Almighty pass オールマイティパス
Almighty pass

Doraemon Liven up orchestra ムードもりあげ楽団
Liven up orchestra

Doraemon 救命クッション Life cushion
Life cushion

Doraemon はじめてポン First experience hammer
First experience hammer

Doraemon ロビンソンクルーソーセット Robinson Cruesoe kit
Robinson Cruesoe kit

Doraemon Get everything bag 取り寄せバッグ
Get everything bag

Doraemon フエルミラー Copy mirror
Copy mirror

Doraemon コンビパトボール Double patrol ball
Double patrol ball

Doraemon タケコプター Bamboo Copter
Bamboo Copter

Doraemon タイムベルト Time belt
Time belt

Doraemon 糸なし糸電話 Wireless string telephone
Wireless string telephone

Doraemon ココロコロン Kokoro colon
Kokoro colon

Doraemon Ace cap エースハット
Ace cap

Doraemon 空気砲 Airgun

Doraemon アベコンベ Opposite arrow
Opposite arrow

□ Information □
From 16 July to 28 August in 2016.


【Admission Fee】
(Some attraction needs fee)

0 min. walk from Exit 1C of Roppongi Station of the Tokyo Metro Hibiya Line (direct link to concourse)
4 min. walk from Exit 3 of Roppongi Station of the Toei Subway Oedo Line

【In other season】
cherry blossoms in Mouri garden
cherry blossoms in Mouri garden
You can see beautiful cherry blossoms at Mouri garden from the end of March to beginning of April every year.



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