Mount Fuji from Fujimi-Toge in Hakone

Photos were taken by iPhone

Mount Fuji at Fujimi-Toge in Hakone
Hakone is famous for hot springs and natural beauty.
This observatory is one of the most popular Mt.Fuji view spot in Hakone.
You can see the beautiful landscape of the lake Ashinoko and Mount Fuji.

Fujimi-Toge Bus Stop in Hakone
Fujimi-Toge Bus Stop.
There is an observatory before it.

Observatory of Fujimi-Toge in Hakone
This stairs leads you to the observation deck.

Mount Fuji at Fujimi-Toge in Hakone
I took this photo with 3.5 times zoom by iPhone 7 Plus.

Fujimi-Toge in Hakone
You can see a landscape of Hakone mountain and Sagami Bay on opposite side.



By bus : Yugawara station of JR line → 40 min. by bus bound for Hakone-machi Port → Fujimi Toge Bus stop → 1 min walk
By car : There is a free parking lot.



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