Beautiful view of Mt.Fuji with Sagami Bay from Hiroyama park

Mt.Fuji from Hiroyama park in Zushi
Mount Fuji from Hiroyama park in Zushi city.
You can see the beautiful landscape of Mt.Fuji,Sagami bay and Enoshima island from this hidden scenic spot.
It is located on top of Hiroyama mountain(93m above sea level) in Zushi city near Tokyo.

zoo in Hiroyama park in Zushi
They have a small zoo.
This is a cage of monkeys.

parking lot of Hiroyama park in Zushi
Observatory deck.
You can take a beautiful picture of Sagami Bay, Enoshima island and Mt.Fuji in a clear day.


【Admission fee】

【Access by train and bus】
Kamakura station of JR line → 15 minutes by bus(No.40) → Hiroyama Iriguchi Bus Stop → 15 minutes walk.
Zushi station of JR line → 25 minutes walk

【Access by the car】
They have a free parking lot (for 49 cars).

parking lot of Hiroyama park in Zushi

Free parking lot



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