Jindai cherry blossom tree in Jisso-ji temple


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Yamataka Jindai cherry blossom tree
This is Jindai cherry blossom tree at Jisso-ji temple in Yamanashi prefecture.
It is said that this is one of Japan’s oldest cherry trees at 2000 years old.
And it is one of Japan’s 3 great cherry blossom trees.

Shidare-Zakura(weeping cherry tree ) in Jisso-ji temple
Stone monument and Shidare-zakura(weeping cherry tree) at the entrance of the temple.
Japanese texts in this stone says “Do what the Buddha tell, then your efforts will be paid off”.

Cherry blossoms and daffodil field in Jisso-ji temple
The scenery of cherry blossoms and daffodil field is also popular.
The best photo spot is the front of the garden.

Cherry blossoms and daffodil field in Jisso-ji temple
But you can also take a beautiful picture from the side.


Best time to see cherry blossoms

Early April

Admission Fee



  • 15 minutes by taxi from Hinoharu Station
  • Nirasaki Station bus terminal (platform #3) → 25 minutes by bus bound for Shimo Kyouraishi → Makinohara Bus stop → 30 minutes walk
  • 15 minutes by car from Sudama I.C. of Chuo Expressway



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