Autumn leaves in Rurikoin temple

Autumn leaves in Rurikoin temple in Kyoto
Rurikoin temple is the quiet temple located in Yase area at the foot of Mount Hieizan in Kyoto.
By the Heian period(8th – 12th century), Yase area became well known as a relaxation spot for noble families and wealthy citizens.
This picture is very popular scenery in the second floor of Rurikoin temple. 
The gorgeous view of autumn leaves and reflection on the table makes this temple so famous.
But iPhone7 Plus isn’t good at getting a beautiful shot in a dim room. 
So I put a lot of effort on retouching picture by the Lightroom CC app.


Admission fee 

2,000 yen

Opening Hours

10:00 AM – 5:00 PM
Approximately two month in spring and autumn (varies each year)


・5 minutes walk from Yase station
・7 minute walk from Yase-eki Mae Bus Stop of Kyoto Bus



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