Various healthy meals at Iyashi fair2014 in Tokyo

iyashi fair2014I went to the event “Iyashi fair” at Tokyo Big Sight in Japan on 2 and 3 Aug as a staff.


Welcome catA big Welcome cat(Lucky cat)!


iyashi fair2014Healing of brain of human.


iyashi fair2014Coffee booth of famous actor in Japan.


iyashi fair2014Booth of the witches.


iyashi fair2014They had many lectures on some places.


organic taco-riceBut my first priority was to buy foods!
It is organic taco-rice
Taco-rice is a local specialty of Okinawa prefecture.

Vegetable curry and naan of nataraj

Vegetable curry and naan of NatarajVegetable curry and naan, vegetable curry burger of “Nataraj” in Tokyo


Organic Anman of Loving HutOrganic Anman(steamed beam-paste bun) of “Loving Hut” in Tokyo.





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