Projection mapping on the full scale gundam 「G-Party35 “RISE!”」 at Tokyo

Isaw a projection mapping on the full scale gundam 「G-Party35 “RISE!”」 at the plaza of Diver City Tokyo.
It will be held from 8/15 to 8/31.
The film runs at 19:30,20:00,20:30,21:30 in everyday.
G-Party35 "RISE!" G-Party35 "RISE!"Many people (including the reporter of TV station) came to see it.
I arrived there at 19:00,many of them sat on the ground and waited to
see the projection.
I was surprised by that!
G-Party35 "RISE!"G-Party35 "RISE!"G-Party35 "RISE!"G-Party35 "RISE!"G-Party35 "RISE!"G-Party35 "RISE!"The colors changed one after another!
And the neck slightly moved.
Usually this Gundam doesn’t move at all.
So I was surprised to see the neck was moving.



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