Fermented rice bran bath and delicious cake in Japan

 I went to the Kamakura park hotel to take a fermented rice bran bath.

I have my body buried in fermented rice bran bath.
The heat by ferment is natural and the temparature is 52℃ to 55℃.
But it was never too hot.
I was relaxed by the bath warms.

After taking a bath , I ate cakes at the cafe in the hotel.
At first I wasn’t thinking of eating.
But I came to want to eat because of sweating in the bath.

I and my wife ordered two cake set.
But the waiter said “I’m afraid it isn’t right amount for you”.
So we changed the order to 1cake set and 1piece of cake.

As a result,it wasn’t too much for us just as I thought lol.
It may be too much for some person.
But it was so yummy, we could eat it very quickly.



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