Grand opening of Toranomon hills in Tokyo,Japan

I went to the Toranomon hills in Tokyo on the grand opening day.
It is a 52-floor, 247m-high  complex tower that has offices, residences, hotel, shops and restaurants.
It is located in Toranomon area that is known as a business district.

People who waited for the opening were making a very long queue.
Many Japanese TV crews also came here.

This cat’s name is Toranomon.
It is the mascot for this building.
It is designed by famous Japanese manga artist.

They have many shops,restaurants,cafe from 1st floor to 4th floor.

Huge piece of meat!
It was displayed at the entrance of the meat restaurant “Tajimaya”.

My main purpose of coming here was to visit Toranomon Koffee.

Barista champion of 「UCC Masters Japan」 serves us a cup of coffee from 15:00 to 19:00 at here.
But I couldn’t drink it because I went there at 11:00.

But staffs of here were always smiling and working very well.
It was very comfortable for me.
So I want to visit here again and drink the coffee by the champion of barista.

□ Information □

5 minutes walk from exit 1 of Toranomon station of Metro.
6 minutes walk from exit 3 of Kamiyacho station of Metro.
8 minutes walk from exit A12 of Kasumigaseki station of Metro.
8 minutes walk from exit A3 of Uchisaiwaicho station of Metro.
11 minutes walk from Shinbashi station of JR line.



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