Best time to see cherry trees at the park of Genjiyama in Kamakura,Japan is today or tomorrow.

I went to the park of Genjiyama (Genjiyama Koen) a few days ago.
A large park that is located on a small hill.


It takes about 15-20minutes by walk from the Kamakura station.
On the way to this place, there is a steep slope “Kewaizaka”.
Many people struggled to walk against it.

Cherry trees are blooming at some area in this park.
But the most beautiful place was a shrine of Kuzuharaoka!
I felt very happy by looking at this.

This weekend will be the best time to see this.
So if you want to look at this, you should go there today or tomorrow.



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  1. 2018年 9月 12日