I went to the Taipei Zoo by the driverless train(MRT)

I went to the station of Taipei Zoo from Zhongshan Junior High School Station by Wenshan Line of Taipei Metro(MRT).


This is the Zhongshan Junior High School Station.

This is the ticket gate.
Chinese and English are written on every signboards in the station.
So you can understand where to go quickly.
You purchase the coin-shaped ticket at the vending machine.
You will be able to understand how to use it by the explanation on English. 
Then put it on the automated turnstiles to go through it.

Wenshan Line is driverless and fully automated.
But the conductor is always in the train.
He or she will help you if you are in a trouble.
You can understand where you are now and what is the next station by the electrical
signboards in the train.
I used this train many times in my trip.
I didn’t have any trouble at all!!



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