Sea of clouds in Hakone

I happened to see the sea of clouds at the observatory along the toll road “Hakone Turnpike”.
It was located near the Mazda Sky Lounge,end point of the road.

Mount Fuji and lake Ashinoko at hakone
At Mazda Sky Lounge,you can see the beautiful scenery of Mount Fuji and lake Ashinoko.
You can go there by bus,too.
Hakone Tozan Bus from Yugawara station of JR line or Hakonemachi bus stop in lake Ashinoko.
But there are only three buses a day.

Mount Fuji and lake Ashinoko at hakone
Lake Ashinoko.
About 10 minutes by the car from Mazda Sky Lounge.

If you go to Gotemba Premium Outlet via Ashinoko Skyline and Hakone Skyline like this map, you can fully enjoy driving with gorgeous view of Mount Fuji.
Mount Fuji at Shakushi Toge in Hakone
Mount Fuji at Gotemba



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