Autumn leaves and emerald green water in Yushin Valley

Date Visited 9:30 – 14:30 of 20 November 2016
Photos and video were taken by iPhone.

Yushin Valley is a scenic hidden spot along the Kurokuragawa River.
Especially in the fall, you can see the beautiful scenery of autumn leaves and emerald green or cobalt blue water.
The color of the water changes depends on the day and hour.

Kurokura Shoten
Kurokura Shoten
Kurokura Shoten
9:55 A.M.
It is Kurokura Shoten that sells snacks,drinks and souvenirs.
A gateway of the hiking trail.

Bus stop at Kurokura Shoten
There was a bus stop in front of this shop.

Kurokura Shoten
They have also public lavatory.
But especially the one for ladies were so crowded.
They made a very long queues.

Mt.Fuj at Lake Tanzawako Yushin valley
10:00 A.M.
I took the picture of Mt.Fuji and lake Tanzawako at the edge of a parking lot.
This is the best photo spot in the lakeside.
It was across the Kurokura shoten.

Yushin valley
I was surprised to see many families with little kids(including toddling child).
Because there were no steep slopes or steps on the way to Yuchin valley.
So it was easy for them to walk toward the destination by taking a rest frequently.

Yushin valley
I also saw people with pets.
I brought a paper map because I couldn’t use Google Map as it was out of signal area.
But I didn’t need it because all I had to do was follow them.

Yushin valley Yushin valley
10:20 A.M.
There was a very beautiful waterfall with fall leaves near the lake Tanazawako.

Yushin valley
10:34 A.M.
There were some branch road.
But I didn’t have to worry about it, as people went to the same way.

Yushin valley
10:36 A.M.
As I moved ahead , there was very beautiful autumn leaves.

Yushin valley
10:46 A.M.
This is a gateway to Yushin valley.
Cars are prohibited to enter it.

Yushin valley
I took my selfie at a little further of the gateway.

Shin Aozare Zuido at Yushin valley
11:23 A.M.
Shin Aozare Zuido tunnel.
The most longest tunnel in Yushin vally.

Yushin valley
Yushin valley
There weren’t any light at all inside, so it became completely dark as I turned my flashlight off.
But all the people in the tunnel  used their own flashlight, so somehow I could secure my visibility without my light.

Yushin valley Yushin valley Yushin valley
11:32 A.M.
There was a scenic spot of autumn leaves after I went through the tunnel.
Many people had lunch or took a rest at here.

Shin Aozare Zuido at Yushin valley
11:34 A.M.
As I went on walking , I reached at Ishikuzure Zuido tunnel.
It it the last tunnel.

Yushin valley
Then I came out of the tunnel , there is a river with clear water.
The sound of stream- flow was so nice,  too!

Yushin valley
If you see this signboard of Kurokura Dam, it means Yushin Valley is very close.

Autumn leaves at Yushin Valley

Emerald green at 20 Nov. 2016

Autumn leaves at Yushin Valley

Cobalt blue at 12 Nov. 2017

11:58 A.M.
Finally I reached at Yushin Valley.
According to the local, the color of the water changes depend on the weather and  depth of the water.
You can see cobalt blue water when the waters run deep in the sunny day.

Yushin valley

0:16 P.M.
I moved ahead  a little further.
The building of Kurokura second porwer plant.

Yushin valley
0:25 P.M.
I could see the beautiful autumn leaves from the bridge at a little further of a Kurokura porwer plant.
It took about 2.5 hour from the lake Tanzawa to here.
It was a long walk, but I could refresh myself by the nature because there was no steep slopes or steps.
Yushin Valley is an attractive hiking opportunities.



By train

Shinjuku station in Tokyo → 1.5 hour by Odakyu Line → Shin-Matsuda station → 45 min by bus bound for Nishi Tanzawa Visitor Center → Kurokura Bus Stop → 2.5 hour walk

By car

There were some free parking lots.
Especially in holiday in the autumn, they will become full around 8:30.

Free parking lot #1 Tanzawako Shinrin-kan Yakusou-en

Free parking lot #1 Tanzawako Shinrin-kan Yakusou-en

Free parking lot #2 Tanzawako Visitor Center

Free parking lot #2 Tanzawako Visitor Center

Temporary parking lot

Temporary parking lot



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