Nemophila field at Hitachi Seaside Park

Nemophila field at Hitachi Seaside Park
4.5 million blue nemophila field at the hill of Hitachi Seaside Park(Kaihin Koen) in Ibaraki prefecture.
It was a stunning blue world!!

Comments by the people who saw this picture in Instagram

– It’s not the sea. it’s a whole ocean of flowers!
– Take me to there
– Looks like water drop.
– Heaven and earth united by a tapestry of flowers!
– Can you imagine you and me there?
– Let’s take a ticket to Japan
– My mission is to bury me here
– Paradise in the ground
– This looks like a scene of Japanese animation “Ancient Magus Bride


【Admission fee】
Adults : 450 yen
Children : free

【Opening hour】
9:30–17:00 (march 1st – july 20th・september 1st – october 31th)
9:30–18:00 (July 21th – August 31th)
9:30–16:30 (November 1st – end of February)
Closed on every week Monday

Tokyo Station → 1.5 hour by limited express → Katsuta Station → 20 minutes by bus bound for Kaihin Koen Minamiguchi → Kaihin Koen Nishiguchi Bus Stop→ 1 minute walk

・Express bus
Tokyo Station → 2hour by Express Bus → Kaihin Koen Nishiguchi Bus Stop → 1 minute walk



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