Black soft ice cream in Hakone

Owakudani in Japan
I went to Owakudani by the rope way.
It is the area around a crater that was created during the last eruption of Mount Hakone.
Much of its area is an active volcanic zone.

Mt.Fuji from Owakudani
You can see Mount Fuji on clear day.

black soft ice cream in Owakudani
My daughter ate vanilla flavor soft ice cream with bamboo charcoal.
It is one of a well-known product of here.
At first I was surprised by the awesome looking, but it was so sweet!!


【Opening hours】

・Train from Tokyo
Shinjuku station → 90 min. by Odakyu Limited Express “Romancecar” → Hakone Yumoto Station → 40 min. by Hakone Tozan Railway → Gora Station → 10 min. by Hakone Tozan Cable Car → Sounzan Station → 10 min. by Hakone Ropeway → Owakudani Station

・Express Bus from Tokyo
Shinjuku Bus Terminal → 135min. by Odakyu Hakone Express Bus → Togendai Station → 20min. by Hakone Ropeway → Owakudani Station



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