Hydrangeas in Enoshima island

Enoshima island
Enoshima island a popular destination for day trips from Tokyo.
And it is the venue of the Tokyo 2020 olympic sailing competition.

Hydrangeas in Enoshima island

Hydrangeas in Enoshima island

Hydrangeas in Enoshima island

Hydrangeas in Enoshima island
In June hydrangeas are beautifully bloomed in many places on this island.

Chozuya filled with colorful hydrangea in Enoshima island
This is “Chozuya” filled with colorful hydrangea flowers.
It is a place for ritual cleansing of hands and mouth water when visiting shrines.
Usually it isn’t decorated with flowers but in June many shrines all across Japan have Chozuya decorated with hydrangea.
I’ve seen a lot of beautiful photos of it on Instagram, but this was the first time I saw it in real.

Entrance of Enoshima shrine in Enoshima island
The entrance of Enoshima shrine.
Hydrangea shaped paper balls were beautiful.

Rose garden in Enoshima island
Although the rose season in Japan was almost over, I could find a few flowers that were still blooming.


Best time to see hydrangea

Around mid of June.


25 – 30 minutes walk from Katase Enoshima Station. (Total of 1.5 hour from Tokyo)



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