We had a great time at Ding tai fung in Taipei.

We went to Ding tai fung again from Sherwood Taipei by taxi.
The route of taxi was a little different from yesterday, but the price was almost same 145 Taipei dollar.
Taxi of Taipei is convenience,safe and reasonable!


Ding tai fung in Taipei

Ding tai fung in TaipeiPeople made the line in front of the entrance because it was near the dinner time.
So we had to wait but it wasn’t so long.


Ding tai fung in TaipeiGyoza


Ding tai fung in TaipeiFried rice


Ding tai fung in TaipeiSoup dumpling



Ding tai fung in Taipei

Ding tai fung in Taipei

I tried Steamed  bean-paste bun this time.
It was so sweet and the taste was sophisticated.


Ding tai fung in Taipei

Of course the dishes were good, I felt once again that services of staffs were very very good.
They were always smiling and could understand our request.



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